Here at Hill Country we are proud of the unsolicited accolades we have gotten over the years. 


Here at HCG we take pride in the unsolicited accolades written by our clients. Thank you to all who have said so many positive things!


“Spent a great day on the river with Nate. Was tireless in all of his effort spent making for an awesome day of fishing. Enjoyed his passionate discussions in reagards to the promotion of natural fish populations. I will return in the future.” Mike Dubay

“Had a great time fishing with #hillcountryguides. The float trip was fantastic. We managed quite a few rainbows (both stocked and wild) 2 browns, and few fallfish. Really learned a lot about nymphing with a fly rod. Nate did an awesome Job.” Darrel Olson

"A buddy and I had a great time fishing the Androscroggin with Nate Hill. Really an epic day with too many fish to count. Nate was an excellent guide. He knew the river exceptionally well, he knew the right set-up and technique, he tied great flies for us to use, his gear was high quality, and he knew his entomology. Beyond all that, he was engaging and really pleasant person to spend 9 hours with. I highly recommend using Nate as a fishing guide in New Hampshire." Paul Stajduhar


“Just got back from a great fishing trip with Nate at Hill Country Guides! Were basically total beginners to fly fishing but he had us on the water casting well enough in no time. He never talked down to us, worked hard all day keeping us fishing the best flies in the best spots, and we really caught a lot of fish to show for it. We Had a lot of fun, and Ive been before and been way less successful. He knows the area really well and I want to thank him again for great trip and a great day of fishing. If you want a really good local fishing experience/ whether you are new or seasoned; I recommend Nate and Hill Country guides without any hesitation.”


Rob H in Carolina

“What a great day with lots of fun, laughs and fish on the Androscoggin. It was one of the best days that I have had in a long time. Nate put his heart into finding and putting my sister and I on fish. I surely look forward to another trip with Nate in the future.” Ruth Howell

"My wife and I fished with Nate on 6/22/16. He helped my wife catch, land and release almost 20 brookies. We had a great day and he was helpful, kind and knowledgeable. We will definitely hire him the next time we venture this far north." John DiVenere Sr.

"We had the best day on the water with Nate. He is an awesome guide & worked his magic all day. We caught fish throughout the day & Nate provide excellent instructions for all the different types of fly fishing: from nymphing, streamers to exciting dry fly fishing. Nate worked hard all day & served a delicious lunch as well. I've hired guides in Montana, CA., Hi & LA and Nate is top notch. He understands the art of guiding & with his personality, it equates to a fun & pleasurable day on the water. I highly recommend his services." Chiaki Harami 

"My son Tyler and I fished with Steve this past Wednesday and it was a great day.
Steve put us on the fish all day. Steve also shared some local knowledge and history with us.
Great guide and great person, Steve" Pete Schlegel

Nate was phenomenal.
"My son Joe and I fished trout in Iowa and since he's moved to Boston, our time has been limited.
Joe found Nate on the New Hampshire state guide list , liked his website, talked to him and we hired him for two days, wading for a day and a float trip. The float trip didn't happen because Mother Nature made it rain touch so it was two days of wading.
Nate helped us with equipment, you might not need to bring anything, helped us with casting technique which was pretty awful before but at the end of two days we had fish from wild brook trout, wild rainbow and plenty of fish and fishing, beautiful streams and scenery and a great guide and casting was even much improved. Nate works hard to make you have a great day and to find and put you on fish, have the flies that put you in a hatch with success.
Lunch was great. He knows where to go.
If you don't hire Nate, you screwed up." Matt Bednar

"My husband Gary and I had a great time fishing with Nate. We caught some beautiful fish and had a great day out on the water. We will be back!" Alicia Rawnsley

"Nate is an excellent guide, instructive when needed, and quite comical! Thanks for the day on the Androscoggin and I wish we could have snagged that last big fish rising!" Matt Donovan

"Had a great weekend with Nate. If you want a different experience with wild, native brook trout, NATE IS DA MAN! He's dedicated in finding off the "usual" menu of the Saco and Andro. If you want that, he'll do that too. Great time with him with my son. Memorable. Thanks again Nate." Allen J Fisher

"Nate showed us a great trip early in the season. He had us on the fish all day. Dry flies, nymphs & streamers we covered all the techniques. His knowledge of local fishing spots is excellent. I would highly recommend Nate Hill and will return to have him guide us again." Nate Meyer 

"Fished this passed Saturday with Nate. Not your ideal day to fly fish. Rain, sleet, hale, wind, cold hands. But we ground it out and landed some nice fish. Fun day, great guide and some well need ed chicken soup...nice touch!! Plan on doing it again." Greg Brenner

"It takes a skilled hand with a god given talent to become one with the fish and make the rod and fly line become an extension of your own natural body. Or lacking all that hire the best guide in the area. Thanks Nate." Paul OConnell