Fishing Reports

Early December Report

Well the thermometer read -5 degrees at the bank in Gorham this morning. Far colder than the fifty degree temps we had two weeks ago. On our last warmer day I was able to get out for a few hours of fishing I landed one brown trout pictured below on a double bunny streamer. A few days prior to that some friends and I did a bit better out of the boat landing some bigger browns (one also pictured below). This cold weather has slowed things down, and I wouldn't recommend fishing the andro unless we get a good thaw. If we do it could trigger a midge hatch and a streamer bite. Fish are now seeking the slower deeper sections of the river. Think fallfish water if you want to catch trout this time of the year. Right now brown trout are going into post spawn mode and can be aggressive feeders given the right conditions. Rainbow trout will still be focused on egg patterns as well as streamers.

January 1st will mark the opening of all other trout waters in the state and will be a good time to explore for lake run rainbow trout and salmon. This winter fishing is more about finding one good fish than finding numbers of fish. Fish metabolisms have slowed and a well presented nymph by a highly focused angler will ensure detection of the occasional soft bite of a large trout. The nice thing about these lake fish is that they run from 15 to 20+ inches with thick girth. If you plan to try this winter fishing be sure to suit up with extra synthetic layers. I prefer wearing insulated ski pants right under my waders while others wear neoprene bootfoot waders, or long underwear and fleece pants. I always carry a few pairs of gloves for these trips as it is common for your first pair to take a soaking, especially while landing a fish. Hand warmers are a must in these conditions and I place them inside my wading jacket pockets where I can reach for warmth when needed. A wool hat is also imperative and I prefer the ones with ear flaps for the coldest days. Lastly don't leave home without your buff. Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and that you get all the fishing gear you've been wishing for. I've been booking trips for next year as Christmas gifts. If you're interested I'll send along my rack card and business card  for you to place under the Christmas tree. 

Tight Lines,