Fishing Reports

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a busy Memorial Day weekend with four trips guided in three days. Every party caught fish. From wild brook trout on dry flies to big rainbows on nymphs, it was good to see the smiles of happy anglers.

The fishing is really turning on right now as the hatches are beginning to pop on even the bigger rivers. Last Friday I drifted the Andro with a good friends, Bill Thompson and Milan Krainchich. The river was high and we were not expecting much, but as we pushed off clouds of  mayflies were popping from the water. We quickly switched our streamer rods for dry flies and had a good hour of casting to rising fish. Unfortunately the river was a bit too quick to support rising fish further downstream, but we did have a few close encounters on streamers, with one big rainbow lost right at the boat. Most important, my new Outcast Pac 1300 handles like a dream. The boat is an incredibly stable fishing machine. See pictures below!

I have a good feeling that by next weekend all local rivers will have prime dry fly conditions. If you plan to come up in late May or June be sure to have plenty of size 12 gray drake spinner mayflies and size 14-16 olive caddis imitations for all stages of the bug. I'd also bring my streamer box as any rains could produce aggressive takes on flies like: Slump busters, zoo cougars, double bunnies, and sex dungeons. If you haven't hit the water is the time!