Fishing Reports

Early December Report

Fishing on the Andro has been consistent with at least a few good fish taken on every outing. Fish have moved to their wintering grounds. Focus on the biggest pools. On warmer days fish can be caught in the last bit of fast water before the river slows. When in doubt move downstream to slower flowing water. Nymphing is always a good bet with  buggers or stoneflies coupled with a pink san juan worm or egg pattern being  a good choice. Fish streamers on a full sink or sink tip line depending on depth. I prefer a kreelix or other flashy patterns to fish the slower waters. On warmer/ calm days expect hatches of BWO's and black midges to kick in around noon. Watch for subtle rises along the edges of currents and in the tail ends of slower pools. 

Be patient. With cold water fish activity will be concentrated to the warmest hours of the day. It is not a bad idea to get a later start. Skip the fastest water where you would want to spend time in the summer months. Focus on slower currents and deeper runs to drift your nymphs through. With streamers vary your retrieve, when in doubt slow things down and go deeper. Always be aware of surface activity, especially in the slowest, calmest water. 
I prefer a double dry rig including an adult and emerger pattern. A swung nymph is a good bet if bugs are on the water but fish are not rising.

Lakes and ponds managed for rainbow trout are also still fishing well. Here to you will want to focus on the warmest and calmest hours of the day. Look for rising fish to be cruising. To catch them you will need to lead them a foot or two. Black midge emergers and dries are your best bets. This is challenging but very rewarding fishing. Fishing streamers and buggers near drop offs or tributary inlets and outlets can also produce fish. I had good luck with an olive leach pattern at a lake outlet the other day. 

High temps over the next seven days will range from 39 to 47 degrees,  still on the warmer side for this time of the year. This weekend looks to be a good time to get out with temps in the mid to upper forties, bright sun and light west winds.