Fishing Reports

October= Big Trout

Well we had September for the record books as to very high numbers of fish landed on our floats. We had many days with multiple doubles to the net and 40 even 60 fish days were the norm. Now that October is here we are still getting high numbers of fish but we have also been getting into bigger trout. With water temps in the 50’s on almost all of our waters and rain bumping flows the larger browns and rainbows have awaken and our trophy trout trips are in full gear!

We have spent years honing our trout hunting skills in order to get to a point where we feel confident in guiding over larger predatory trout. Last year was a breakthrough year in the learning process and this year we have been able to put that knowledge into our guiding. We are fortunate to guide some fishy people who are able to make it happen when the strikes come and we are thankful for the large trout our guests have been able to land this season.

The extended forecast looks promissing for good bite windows through October and into November. If you are interested in catching the trout of a lifetime now is the time to book your Fall trip. We have dates available for the rest of October and November.

Here is what we are seeing on our local waters right now.


The epic Isonychia hatches are still coming off on warmer days and BWO’s have begun on our cooler days. We had rising fish yesterday but they were tough and we did better with nymphs. Fish have transitioned form the fastest water to mid depth and mid speed riffles. Streamers are beginning to become more important as well.


The Saco is getting a good bump of rain as I write this report. This means now is the time to throw big flies for big fish. If you are going to try this on foot a type five sink tip works great along with a 6 or 7wt high quality rod like the Helios 3D. From the boat we prefer full sink streamer lines like the Orvis Depth charge or Airflo streamer max. I like bright flies in brown trout colors this time of the year. A drunk and disorderly in orange, tan and yellow is hard to beat. Look up Mike Schmidt at if you are looking to get your hands on some high quality brown trout streamers. I’ve been using his flies for years now and they move in the water just the right way to trigger the predatory instincts of alpha trout.

Mountain Streams:

Now is not the time to fish mountain streams. Most the brook trout are lock jaw due to their focus on spowning or their post spawn funk. Look to bigger water where fish migrate to winter over.

Wild Brook Trout Waters:

Our wild brook trout waters are still fishing well bright colored baby brook trout streamers are working well on these waters right now. I tie a modified woods special streamer that seems to always get these fish’s attention. This fishing will hopefully be good until their season closes on October 15th.

So While the regular trout season ends on October 15th here in NH we still have open water with good fishing opportunities available through November. Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing these late season opportunities. Here is some of what we have been catching lately.

Rob Wolfchuck with an absolute beast.

Rob Wolfchuck with an absolute beast.

Dave Warlick with the biggest rainbow of his life…24” and very fat.

Dave Warlick with the biggest rainbow of his life…24” and very fat.

Charlie Houghton with the biggest brown of his life…another 2 foot trout.

Charlie Houghton with the biggest brown of his life…another 2 foot trout.

Tight lines,