Fishing Reports

Mid- July Report

Well it has been a long time since we have updated this report. As always that is not because the fishing has been slow but because we have been on the water 24-7.

Androscoggin River:

The andro was fishing well earlier in the week but we have been staying away with the recent warm temps. When conditions are right we have caught fish on everything from streamers to nymphs and dries. Samller Pheasant tails, mop flies, buggers and purple haze dries have all been on the menu. A cold front this week may drop temps enough for early day floats again.

Saco River:

We have been doing well on the Saco during early mornings. Amazingly we are still seeing Grey Drake mayflies along with smaller rusty spinners and BWO’s. We’ve also seen a good deal of clinger mayflies moving about the rocks as of late and this has resulted in some successful nymphing both dead drifted and on the swing. We have been playing with some terrestrials but they really have not been keying on hoppers, ant’s or beetles as of late.

Ellis River:

The Ellis has been fishing well this season but has slowed a bit with warmer weather. Fish the upper river and deeper pools. Dry flies early and dry droppers later in the morning.

Mountain Streams:

Our mountain streams are all fishing very well right now. Yellow foam EHC have done well to represent the small yellow sally stoneflies that are always around in the morings. Pairing that with a small cream colored caddis pupa can be deadly. Fishing a royal PMX or similar attractor dry when the water starts to warm has been working well.

While we have been busy lateley we have some time on the calendar over the next few weeks so give us a shout if you want to hit the water. We think you will enjoy it!

If you are looking for pictures to update you on what we’ve been catching check us out on instagram @natefish83.

A recent streamer eater from the andro see more @natefish83 on instagram

A recent streamer eater from the andro see more @natefish83 on instagram

Thanks for reading and tight lines,