Fishing Reports

Early August Report (updated August 11th)

AUGUST 11th update!

We have had cooler weather over the past few days and it looks to continue into the next few weeks. Now is the time to float the Andro! With lower water temps trout will be active for longer windows during the day. We have dates available through the end of August and into September!


Fishing has held on strong this summer with good bite windows on all of our waters continuing into August. If the fishing wasn’t already good enough it looks like we have rain and cooler temps in the forecast this week.


The Saco continues to fish well with a mix mayflies coming off on most mornings. We’ve done well swinging hares ear nymphs when fish are tough to take on dries. We have seen some black flying ants but the big swarms of cinnimon and honey ants will come later in August. We got out the other evening as temps began to drop and found a few good fish chomping on large golden stoneflies. This evening bite should improve a bit with slightly cooler days over the next week.


We’ve done well on the lower Andro recently with cooler temps filtering in. BWO nymphs and dries as well as Isonychia dries and grey caddis have all done the trick. If that isn’t working be sure to try flying ants as they work on the Ando as well as the Saco. We have avoided the upper river due to lack of cold water over the past few weeks but that should change now with colder overnight temps and warm instead of hot days. We are predictiong some good to great late summer fishing in the Errol area very soon.

Small streams:

We have been doing well on small streams with Grey Caddis and tan caddis nymphs along with PMX dries. If you fish this water be sure to cover pools thoroughly and keep moving. Often the fish are where the habitat is best, sometimes that is five pools in a row and other times it is a pool and then a quarter mile to the next stretch of good water. The fun is in never knowing what lies upstream or down. We love the adventure of this type of fishing and would love to show you why!

Trophy trout hunts:

We have been doing more focused trips for larger trout this year. We are confident that we can get shots at these larger trout on most days and we look forward to seeing you hook these impressive fish. It has taken years to get dialed into where when and how to target these larger fish and we are happy that our hard work is paying of dividends for many of our clients. Last weekend we guided Matt Lawton on one such trip. After a morning of hooking many fish we spent the afternoon searching for larger trout and Matt got into three fish over 18”. A great way to end an awesome day! Too catch up more of what we have been up to be sure to follow us on instagram @hillcountryguides.

Now is the time to get out and fish. We have guides available on most days!

Tight lines,